Xendurance Fuel 5 Berry Blend

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Product Overview

Fuel-5 is a cutting edge, energy, carbohydrate formula made up of 5 different forms of fuel: 4 different types of carbohydrates, plus lactate.

The proprietary blend of organic sweet potato, maltodextrin, dextrose, lactate, and sucrose is designed to give the body its preferred substrate (fuel-enzyme) to promote glycogen synthesis. 

40 Servings 720g

Fuel Your Body.

Fuel-5 provides the body with several carbohydrate fuel choices to choose from and is designed to promote fast, immediate energy, as well as long, sustained energy. The blend also supports the stabilization of blood sugar levels during training by utilizing the different forms of carbohydrates. In addition, Fuel-5 has both the energy vitamins B6 and B12, electrolytes, magnesium, and calcium to help assist with cellular nutrition balance.† 

  • 5 forms of fuel; 4 carbohydrate fuel sources & lactate
  • Organic Sweet Potato used in proprietary blend
  • Energy, carbohydrate blend to help stabilize blood sugar levels during exercise
  • Enhance energy production for prolonged exercise
  • Electrolytes and vitamins B6 & B12 to assist in recovery
  • Helps to eliminate cramping and muscle burn
  • Clean, light flavor for extended training

Optimal Directions / Pre-Work Out
2 scoops + 8 oz of water

Optimal Directions / Post-Work Out
10-20 minutes after training
1 scoop + 8 oz of water

Combine with 1 scoop of Xendurance's Protein for the optimum Carb/Protein recovery drink.

Guarantee: This product contains no added gluten, wheat, yeast or dairy products. No added preservatives or colors.
Non-GMO - Dairy Free - Preservative Free - No Stimulants

What Xendurance Products Should I Take? Do Xendurance Formulas Work Together?

Xendurance products are built to work together. Find the sport closest to yours and see what other athletes are taking.

Cross Functional Athletes
Are you sore everyday after your WOD? Want to reduce that muscle burn and make sure you spring out of bed the next morning? We recommend you try Extreme Endurance (reduce lactic acid buildup and soreness), Omega (to give you loads of EPAs and DHAs per serving) and then give Protein a shot - no pun intended.
And now we have Fuel-5! Five energy sources in one drink! Use pre and post and mix it with Protein for the ultimate recovery drink.

We call the first Protein drink in your morning an "energy starter shot". The 1500mg of lactate and 20g of protein is what Cross Functional Athletes are addicted to - really. And then if you have sore joints....you must put Joint-4 in your training bag! Also check out the 10% discount on the Bundles!

Triathletes, Duathletes and all Multi-Sport Athletes
We made our pouches of Extreme Endurance for you! Continuous travel make our zip-loc pouches the perfect packing buddy. (Keep the soreness down and the recovery up with Extreme Endurance.) And because you put so many hours into your training and don't want to get sick, build up your immune system with Immune Boost. (Power-packed multi-vitamin) 

Runners, Cyclists - those always on the go.....
Extreme Endurance, Immune Boost
 and Extreme HYDRO-X is in their training regimens. With the 1500mg of Lactate and a premium blend of Electrolytes, HYDRO-X has been discovered as a boost while training. It gets you hydrated fast with Sustamine™ and gives you energy throughout those miles of training.

Weekend Warriors and all "wannabe" Olympians pushing hard!

Extreme Endurance will assist in reducing soreness in any sport whereby you produce lactic acid. If you find you trained a little too much or are nursing a nagging injury, try Joint-4. (4 powerful ingredients in one formula to help rebuild cartilage and decrease pain) Want to stay healthy during cold season, take our multi-vitamin, Immune BoostExtreme HYDRO-X (electrolyte/lactate drink) and/or Protein and Fuel-5 my be the drinks you need for hydration and energy.

Did we mention the golfers, paddle boarders, MMA Fighters, skiers, surfers....yes, you can mix and match any and all of our products for your specific sport or activity. Still not sure what to take? Send an email to info@xendurance.com and we will tell you what we hear other athletes are using to help them in their daily quest to be the best they can be.