Battle Nutrition Whey Shake To Go Drinks 25g Protein Per Bottle (12 Pack Or 24 Pack / Mix And Match)

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BATTLE NUTRITION Black Line Whey Protein Powder 25g Protein per Bottle 

OUR PROMISE - If you do not like it - we will make a full refund. No questions asked. Just let us know

BATTLE NUTRITION (TM) Black LINE Whey protein is a high quality whey protein powder proudly made in UK, fully compliant with EU/UK Food Standards 

We tested quality of our Black Line Whey Protein in heavy gym environment and could tell it works well, nice taste and easy mix.  

Our Black Line Whey protein is not a blend of many proteins it is pure whey protein concentrate meaning you know exactly what you are getting. It‘s 100% Whey Protein used, not a blend of other proteins or substitutes

There is 500ml bottle with net weight of protein 25g when you mixed with water. If you decide to mix them with milk then the protein content per bottle will be around 34g!

All you need to do is add around 300ml of water or milk (to the fill line marked on the bottle).  You then simply shake and give the bottle a few taps on a hard surface to ensure all of the powder mixes! Easy!

These are the perfect thing to carry on a day out or when you are not sure if you will be able to access a high quality protein source on the go.

They are made with whey protein concentrate and do not contain any lower grade protein powders.