BattleBoxUK 100% Genuine Leather Single Closed Loop Olympic Lifting Straps Black

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Battle Box UK Single Closed Loop Olympic Lifting Straps

Special Treated 100% Cowhide Leather Lifting Straps are Made in UK from 100% Premium cowhide leather, which is known for its balance and  durability. This equates to better leverage on heavy lifts with less friction on the hands.

The Olympic lifting strap is perfect for someone doing snatches, snatch pulls or clean pulls. You can also use them for conventional overhand grip deadlift, but we wouldn't recommend them for mixed grip deadlift. The beauty of these straps is that the bar will drop out of your hands once you open your hands (conventional deadlift straps will still stay attached to the bar for a few seconds). When you're performing Olympic weightlifting movements this is critical to avoid injury

Measuring 1.6” (4.5cm) in width and 11” (28cm) in length, each strap is box-stitched for extra strength, and includes Battle Box embossed brand stamp.


  • Made in the UK
  • 100% Genuine Special Cowhide Leather
  • 1.6” width (45mm), 11” length (28cm)
  • Colour: Tan , Black , Brown 
  • Battle Box Uk branding